Standard banks single view banking app


Standard bank is a renowned global banking brand.The many years of experience in the industry and across geographical boundaries has positioned this financial powerhouse to be a leader in providing cutting edge and innovative banking products and services. In order to live up to this glowing reputation, the bank launched the single view banking app.

This app has been designed to bring the banking experience closer to clients by the click of a button. This unique app allows customers to manage their bank accounts, perform transactions and view the transaction history, view and update insurance policies as well as investment portfolios as well as effect trades via an online share trading platform.

With full recognition of the digital age in which more and more clients are keen to access products and services online, this app is flexible and technologically savvy with trendy features.

Some of the features of this app include a customised central dashboard which also allows for the creation of separate dashboards for different accounts which can even be renamed. Payments to third parties can be effected without bank details using only a cellphone number.This method sends a cash voucher to the individual which can be redeemed at any Standard Bank ATM or Spar, using the cash collect pin issued from within the app. Prepaid products such as airtime, data and electricity can be bought via the transact panel and saved to a quick buy list to make them easily accessible in future.

Clients who don’t have bank cards on hand can create a cash voucher within the app and redeem it at a Standard Bank ATM or spar.There is also a digital store inside the app which provides information on Standard Banks products and services while the information centre pinpoints the branches, ATMs and access points closest to you.The app also has a tab for feedback and suggestions on how it can be improved.

With this Standard Bank single view banking app, banking just got better.
The app for Andriod users can be found here and the one for IOS users here.


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