Standard banks tap and go card

standard bank tap and go card

The list of reliable and long lasting banks in South Africa can never be complete without mentioning the name Standard Bank. Standard bank has earned its place among the elite banking and financial institutions in the country by providing cutting edge banking products and services. One of these products is the contactless card payment technology.

This tap and go payment method has been tailored for gold and titanium credit and cheque cards. This product has been designed to keep up with local and international banking trends which have seen consumers demand more of fast, convenient and secure payment methods.

Tap and go cards are linked to a customer’s bank account allowing for funds to be deducted directly from their account. Unlike many systems currently available, customers don’t have to pre-load cards with money to use this method of payment. This card eliminates the need to swipe or insert their cards into terminals.
Added benefits of this card include the fact that the cards carry the MasterCard PayPass logo and have antennas imbedded in them. The antenna allows cardholders to pay at point-of-sale devices displaying the same PayPass logo as their card by simply tapping the card on the terminal. Holders of these credit and cheque cards do not need to give the card to the cashier, enter a PIN or sign a slip for payments under R200. To ensure security, a PIN will be required for higher amounts.

This technology is ideal for quick payment environments such as transit, fast foods, petrol stations, supermarkets and movie theaters.
Standard Bank can be contacted on 0116369111.


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