Start-up Magnetic, a business management software


Managing your small business does not always require your physical presence but you can also do it online by managing the process of your company from anywhere and on any mobile platform using a start-up called Magnetic – a business management software with a homegrown cloud solution.

The start-up is a brain child of Daniel Marcus who was looking for business management software for one of his other companies after struggling to find any help regarding business management online.

“I tried a whole range of systems, from Basecamp to Salesforce but my team never got too excited about them,” says Marcus.

Marcus formed a business partnership with his friends Jan Pickard and Korat Kuhnert; the idea bhind this joint venture was to take Magnetic to market.

Magnetic worked very well; it was initially self funded but later on raised funsing with the help of tim Bishop founder of Prezence SA.

What makes Magnetic the most efficient way to manage your business?

The App has the following features:

  • CRM: This is an integrated CRM Module with unique automation features which contains your database. With this feature, your database is created and maintained automatically by simply sending and receiving emails. It also captures phone numbers, addresses and positions.
  • Simple accounting: You can manage your accounts by creating cost estimates, tax invoices, purchase orders, supplier invoices and credit notes. This feature also provides a selection of integrations such as pastel and offering the ability of an end to end accounting package.
  • Easy tracking time: Time tracking is simple with Magnetic; you can start and stop a timer on tasks you are working on. This feature enables you to stay up to date with budgets based on time spent.
  • Project management: The feature enables you to spend more time working and less time capturing; that way the Magnetic project management module becomes super easy to use.



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