Steps to financial independence


Fans of the Showtime television show Shameless US will be familiar with the story of one of its lead characters Fiona Gallagher, who has worked her way out of poverty to financial independence. By starting with taking a big risk, Fiona was able to start creating an investment portfolio through property. She steadily grew her portfolio by taking bigger risks. The moves she made all led to her achieving financial independence.  

Although she made a few rookie mistakes (investing all of her money in one place stands out) and not asking for help when she should have, she made a few financially savvy moves. If there’s anything viewers can learn from the show, it’s how to take steps to financial independence. 

When one achieves this, working becomes optional. Your money works for you, once you achieve this. 

It requires proper planning and discipline as well as having a clear savings goal in place. 

More steps to financial independence: 

Spend less than you earn. One of the first steps to take is ensuring that you become conscious of how much money you are spending.  

Pay your debt off as quickly as possible as this is one way to free up extra money you have. Paying debt off is the quickest way to lose money, so the sooner you do this, the better it will be for you in the long-term. 

Find ways to make extra money. Having an additional source of income is a good way to build wealth and to get closer to the reality of not having to work at all one day. 

Be more modest – especially if you want to focus on spending less. 

Buy income-generating assets and keep investing over the long-term. This is a definite way to achieve your financial goals and to build your wealth. At this point, your money will be working for you. 



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