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Digital has opened up the world to us and bought it onto our doorsteps and we live in an era of increased users of the popular device the cellphones, smartphone where we can not only call, sms, browse the internet, listen to music, but also watch our favourite series  and blockbuster movies.

The big screen migrated to the smaller screen in the palm of your hands through ShowMax an internet-based subscription video on demand service supplying an extensive catalogue of shows and movies.

All at your fingertips at the touch of a button online across a wide range of devices from smart TVs, computers to smartphones and tablets.

ShowMax leverages relationships with major production studios from across the globe to bring you access to this type of entertainment. Enjoy both world-class international content, such as Game of Thrones, Arrow, Girls, Big Bang Theory, Vikings, Entourage, The Newsroom, the Affair and Suits to name a few. As well as the best of specialised local content TV shows, such as Egoli, Binnelanders, and Agter Elke Man in ShowMax content library.

Once you have signed up and subscribed on the ShowMax website. You can gain access to these shows by buying ShowMax vouchers through the FNB eBucks Shop and selected Pick n Pay, CNA and Game retail stores. Other forms of payment are PayPal, cheque or credit card.

These vouchers give one, three, or six months’ access to the ShowMax internet video streaming service and they are priced at R99, R297, and R594.

You can redeem your voucher by entering your code at Once the vouchers have been loaded, they can only be used in the country where the service is provided. And ShowMax vouchers expire after three years if not redeemed

It is endless viewing pleasure of video on demand service since it was launched by multinational media and Internet Company Naspers. The streaming service went live on August 19, last year and it gives new meaning to being glued to your TV screen.


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