Swyp card

Swyp card

Being part of a financial product that allows you to perform multiple transactions and enables you to carry a single card in your wallet is very interesting. Such financial facilities are not time consuming and you don’t need to memorize many PIN codes that you use on your bank, debit and credit cards; you simply require one PIN code which is specifically designed for your single card – Swyp Card.

Swyp card is one such financial product that enables you to conduct all your transactions; it is a universal device that looks just like credit card but can store up to 25 of your credit and debit cards including loyalty cards.

Courtesy of Sunnyvale startup called Qvivr, Swyp card has a magnetic stripe and a circuit board which keeps the card’s data and enables a user to select between them by simply pressing the next button.

The Swyp card has an independently secure PIN number which allows you to use SWYP independent of the phone.

The Swyp card securely replaces all cards in your wallet by performing the following functions:

  • Total consolidation: You can store all your credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards
  • Enhanced security: it allows for bank grade encryption with PIN access
  • Predictive learning: Intelligent algorithm predicts which card you are likely to use
  • Future proof: the card is made of a metal and designed to be ready for new payment technologies
  • Clutter free: It allows you to track and categorize transactions with the ability to attach receipts
  • Instant gifting: You can instantly share and exchange gift cards with other SWYP users

To set up the Swyp card, a user should take all their cards and put them in a card reader that ships with the Swyp. A customer’s information is not kept on a server somewhere but is stored on the card and a paired phone which supports Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with iOS and Android software.

Made out of a metal alloy, the Swyp card is EMV ready (Uropay, MasterCard, and VISA), but it doesn’t support NFC.

This card-like device can store up to 25 card profiles and has the following tech specs:

  • Size: 3.375×2.125
  • Thickness: 0.03 in
  • Weight: 0.4 oz
  • Display: 1×1 inch graphics display
  • Material: Durable metal alloy
  • Navigation: 2 tactile buttons
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 BBLE)
  • Compatibility: iOS7+ and Android 4.4+


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