Tax Ombudsman South Africa


Tax Ombudsman – It is the responsibility of any worker out there to make certain that their tax affairs act in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country they are working in. Whether you are a citizen or foreigner of that country, failure to abide by these tax regulations is an offence which can be repaid by heavy fines or even imprisonment.

Taxation in South Africa is an aspect which entails payments to a minimum of two levels of government namely the central government through SARS or to local government. South Africa government has numerous tax defaulters who owe it billions of rands; surprisingly SARS, a tax body that deals with tax regulations hasn’t resolved such issues. It is against this background that the government introduced the tax ombudsman’s office.

The office of the Ombudsman is legally compelled to safeguard confidential taxpayer information; it was established to deal with tax related matters which cannot be dealt with through government’s internal system. Though the tax Ombudsman is not expected to review legislation or tax policy, his duty is to review complaints and if it’s essential resolve them through mediation or conciliation with SARS officials.


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