Telkom South Africa Services and Contact Numbers


Telkom South Africa is the leading communications services provider in South Africa. The organisation offers business, residential and payphone customers a wide range of services and products. Some of the company’s services include:

  • Telkom Business
  • Telkom Mobile
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Cloud and IT Operations

Established in 1991, the organisation is partly state-owned. It is a semi-privatised, 395 state-owned company. It also provides ADSL retail services via ISP Telkom Internet to consumer and business customers.

Until recently, Telkom South Africa had close to a monopoly on the South African telecommunications market. The company’s existing network is regarded as the most highly developed on the African continent. For this reason, its operations extend to 38 other African countries. As the leading wireline and wireless telecommunications provider in South Africa, Telkom also has the best developed and most modern infrastructure in Africa.

In terms of tender bids, in June 2015, the Telkom Tender Process was moved onto an electronic portal.

“The new electronic tender portal will be more convenient for both suppliers and our Telkom people and we are encouraging all suppliers to self-register online,” says managing executive for group communication Jacqui O’Sullivan.

Suppliers will be required to submit bids electronically as Telkom will no longer accept paper bids.

For your business needs, Telkom has solutions too. According to their site:

“Telkom Business are committed to delivering best-in-breed ICT solutions which strategically align your organisation to effectively compete in the constantly evolving South African and International economy.”

Contact Numbers:                           

Telkom has a dedicated customer contact centre. The company also has a support line on 10210.

If you don’t have the time to call them, you can opt to SMS the word “SERVICE” and your number to 30591 for assistance.

Business contact details: 10217

Internet support contact details: 10210

Head office: 012 311 3911


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