Telkom Wi-Fi Deals


As more people access the internet on a daily basis, the need for quality Wi-Fi has never been more prevalent. As developing nations like South Africa move towards providing free Wi-Fi access across various cities, some private companies as well as partly state-owned entities are making inroads into this sector too.

Leading telecommunications giant Telkom is one such entity that strives to provide customers with fast, efficient internet solutions. The company’s existing network is regarded as the most highly developed on the African continent.

A variety of Telkom Wi-Fi deals are available, making it easier for South Africans to stay connected.

About Telkom Wi-Fi deals:

Telkom Wi-Fi deals are currently offering easily accessible solutions to customers as well as non-subscribers.

30 minute of 60 minute Telkom Wi-Fi

This offer is available to non-Telkom customers on the Wi-Fi portal via debit and credit card purchase.

There is no need to have a Telkom Contract or SIM and the service can be used on any device. Anyone can access Telkom Wi-Fi in over 5500hotspots across the country.

If you’re a Prepaid customer:

You can buy extra Wi-Fi bundles at R15 for 30 minutes or R25 for an hour. Every time you recharge with R50, you get seven days unlimited Wi-Fi access.

If you’re on a Telkom contract you get free 30 minutes Wi-Fi every day.

As a non-subscriber you can also get free 30 minutes Wi-Fi every day. You also have the option of buying bundles at R15 for 30 minutes and R25 for an hour.

How to access Telkom Wi-Fi deals as a non-subscriber:

  • Connect to the “1 Telkom Guest” network when you’re in a Telkom Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Complete the registration by creating a username and password.
  • Log in and enjoy 30 minutes of free Telkom Wi-Fi access.


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