Tembeka Financial Services – Social Finance for Women-owned Microenterprises

South Africa is infamous for its reputation as one of the most unequal societies in the world. The effects of the past political decisions and policies, still plague the female population today.

For a long time women have been oppressed, often being denied the same advancement opportunities in the workplace by men and discriminatory bureaucratic processes. In recent times however, the gap between male and female employees has narrowed, with more women taking charge business-wise and effectively controlling multi-billion rand corporations and informal microenterprises.

The need for finance solutions targeted at women operating small enterprises has grown steadily over the past few years. It is against this backdrop and type of environment in which Tembeka Financial Services operates.  A social finance company, Tembeka invests in innovative, community serving/driven enterprises. Tembeka realises that many economic policies target the formal sector, often to the detriment of meaningful economic and social activities.

Tembeka targets mainly rural women who own microenterprises. The institution aims to play a major and definitive role in eradicating poverty and creating jobs by initiating and nurturing a lively integrated and sustainable chain of financial security.

As a catalyst in a chain of financial solidarity, Tembeka Financial Services links social investors and funders with disadvantaged communities involved in their own economic upliftment. It does this with the help of institutional partners, including the likes of First National Bank and ADA microfinance.

Tembeka gives an opportunity to members of the general public to purchase Tembeka shares and to be part of the economic development process with bright future returns.

Investors keen on making a difference can contact Tembeka Financial Services on: 021 447 8138.


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