Tender Support and Finance


South Africa boasts of an economy that also relies on SMEs for tax and revenue. But this growth has been made possible by supporting entrepreneurs who in turn invest more in their small business. It is in this regard that these small businesses rely much on tenders from government and the private sector.

Tender Support and Finance is an institution that helps entrepreneurs to access tender/projects in the event that they have a contract with the government or private client. Most small businesses rely much on government or customers to pay their invoices but with an invoice discount facility, an entrepreneur can get money with no hassles.

Tender Support and Finance supports SMEs with access of up to 100% of their awaited funds in less than 48hours upon approval. The failure by small business owners to utilize government’s procurement process and policies is where tender Support and finance chips in with their practical tendering skills to guarantee use of this government facility that is tailored for promoting small businesses.

The institution has vast knowledge on how they can implement this facility for the benefit of SMEs thus it is advisable that small businesses who do not have full access to tenders approach them with no skepticism.


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