The American Lotteries – the Modern Version of the American Dream

Lotto Winner

The American dream is something that people from the all over the world adhere to because it promises the best possible outcome in the shortest time. The United States is the country of all possibility precisely because it has changed the lives of so many that it has become a symbol of hope and new beginnings.

While the American dream has been embodied in so many ways over the years, in 2017 there is only one element that describes it in its entirety and that is the lottery. The game has reached impressive proportions all over the world, but the American lotteries are simply larger than life.

At the moment, the United States lottery scene is a true clash of the titans as the Powerball and the Mega Millions are putting on a show that has caught everybody’s eye. For years and years now, they have been upping their game to keep up with each other and this has all worked out for the benefit of lottery players everywhere.

The Mega Millions has dazzled the entire lottery market with its $656 million jackpot, which at the time, was larger than anything the world had ever seen. In 2012, everybody was talking about the Mega Millions and it seemed that the US Powerball would never have the chance to catch up to its limitless glory.

But then, in 2016, the US Powerball caught up in a way that nobody expected. With its never-before-seen $1.56 billion jackpot, it has set the world record for this category and it has set the bar so high that it appears to be almost impossible for it to ever be dethroned.

With this unprecedented prize up for grabs, everybody wanted to play Powerball for a chance to make their very own American dream come true. And three very lucky ticket-holders actually got to experience it themselves, as they were the big winners of the draw.

These enormous jackpots have revolutionized the lottery, as well as the nature of the American dream. It is now clear to everybody that the quickest way to getting everything you want is putting in a ticket for the US Powerball or the Mega Millions because it may just earn you a fortune larger than you have ever imagined.

The proportion of lottery prizes from the last few years has made the jackpots the new symbol for quick and vast wealth, which is the ideal fit for the modern version of the American dream. A long time has come since Martin Luther King managed to move an entire world by saying that he has a dream to fulfill.

In the century of speed and development, when time and progress are of the essence, reaching all the benefits of the American dream in the quickest way is the desired version. And there is no better way of achieving that than playing the American lotteries.

All it takes is guessing the right numbers for the draw and you’ve got it made. The American dream can be all yours with a single lottery ticket. So, the next time you find yourself near a lottery retailer, take a chance and buy a ticket of your very own because it may just make all of your dreams come true!


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