The Benefits of FNB Pay


As the world moves towards digital banking, FNB has introduced a range of improved services for its clients. The latest innovation introduced by the bank is FNB Pay.  

FNB Pay is a globally-accepted contactless payment solution which allows customers to pay for goods and services by simply tapping their smartphone on a contactless-enabled point of sale terminal.

Currently available for Android phone users, FNB Pay is available through debit/cheque/business/ credit cards.

What are the benefits of FNB Pay?

FNB Pay uses a variety of merchandising and technologies to ensure your security. Transactions are safe and fully compliant with financial regulations.

You don’t have to have data when you do make any FNB Pay transactions.

Once you’ve registered, there are no additional fees that apply and there are no monthly fees that apply.

You can register more than one FNB card to use with FNB Pay.

The service is ideal for low-value payments (under R200) without the use of a PIN and will probably rise to about R500 in 2017.

As an FNB Pay user you have the option to make a payment by simply waking up your mobile phone, unlocking it with your passcode and then tapping it against a point of sale device.

You also have the option to use more than one mobile phone set up to use FNB Pay.

It offers a greater level of security, because when payments are made, the cards never leave the customer’s hands.

Payments have been shown to be around 33% faster than normal PIN-based transactions.

You don’t have to worry about carrying cash around. With FNB Pay you can pay securely at selected merchants and safe yourself the worry of carrying cash around.

If you need help with FNB Pay, call: 087 575 0362



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