The Best 24 Hour Roadside Assistance In South Africa


Having 24 hour roadside assistance can be quite convenient. Driving a car isn’t always the most predictable experience. Cars tend to have mechanical failure and can break down. The last thing you want to experience as a driver is being stuck on the side of the road, without any assistance. This is why it helps to find the best roadside assistance in South Africa. 

While more financial institutions are offering this service, there are also companies that are renowned for specialising in this type of service. 


The Automobile Association (AA) is a trusted leader in 24 hour roadside assistance. Available 24/7/365, the AA offers this service to its members. 

A pioneer of roadside assistance in South Africa, AA offers packages designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Clients insured by AA are guaranteed to have assistance if they are involved in accidents, or even if they need tyres changed. 

Further services include a useful Message Relay Service, emergency Medical Rescue, Fuel to Reach a Filling Station, Vehicle Locksmith, AA Recovery Towing, AA Battery Service and more. 

What you can typically expect from the best 24 hour roadside assistance in South Africa: 

Companies offering the best 24 hour roadside assistance in South Africa provide help that is aligned to the warranty of your vehicle. 

You can get help for: 

  • When you’ve locked your keys in your car 
  • Flat tyre 
  • Flat battery 
  • If you’ve run out of fuel 
  • If your car breaks down 

Staff should be on hand to offer support in all official South African languages. 

If the problem cannot be fixed immediately, a tow truck will be sent to the nearest location to assist you. 

Some companies may coordinate services to provide you with a courtesy vehicle.


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