The Best Companies to get a Cash Loan

cash loan

If you’re looking for a cash loan, there is a lot of companies that you can consider, and in some cases you can apply for credit even if you are blacklisted. Let’s take a look at some of the popular options available to you.


Wonga is undoubtedly one of the most popular credit providers when it comes with short term cash loans. With Wonga you can log in online and select the loan amount you want to qualify for, once approved, the money will be paid directly into your account. You can take out loans of up to R3,000.


GetBucks also offers short term loans and you can apply online. This means you can get paid to your bank account within an hour. You can choose the time period over which you want to repay the loan and you can choose up to 45 days. With GetBucks you also earn a higher trust level if you pay your loans on time and in full.

Kathlego Cash Loans

Kathlego Cash Loans is in the business of helping people manage small, unsecured credit, when they need it. Simply enter all your personal information, your employment and banking details, and complete an affordability assessment. You’ll have an outcome shortly and money will be paid to your bank account directly.


With FNB you can apply for a temporary loan, which requires no application forms to complete and is an interest-free loan with funds that can be immediately made available to your bank account. You can take out this loan at any ATM or via the online banking future or inside a branch. This can be used for just about anything from unforeseen expenses to school fees and medical bills.


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