The Best Degrees to Study for a Big Salary

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If you are looking to boost your career and earn a big salary, choosing the right degree program is the perfect place to start. One of the best combinations to consider is an engineering degree, combined with an MBA (Master of Business Administration).

This is according to a survey done in 2014 of South African telecommunication heads, which showed that out of 17 CEOs, 11 of them studied engineering and nine of them held an MBA. Another popular way to earn a great salary is to become a Chartered Accountant, as they earn an average salary of around R40,000 per month.

MyBroadband recently looked at the Salary Review of CareerJunction to see who took home the highest salary. This review uses real-world salary offerings from its jobs website which shows monthly salaries for every profession. The professions were matched to relevant degrees to see what you should study to earn that salary.

These are the results of skilled employees:

  • Mining Engineer – R60,651 per month. Skilled mining engineers typically earn between R53,177 and R68,125 per month. You typically need a BEng or BSc in Mining Engineering to become a mining engineer.
  • Mechanical Engineer – R44,816 per month. Mechanical engineers with some experience can expect to earn between R38,026 and R51,606 per month. A BEng or BSc in Mechanical Engineering will help you to land a job as a mechanical engineer.
  • Project Engineer – R43,586 per month. Skilled project engineers earn between R37,281 and R49,890 per month. To become a project engineer, an engineering degree (BEng or BSc in Engineering) and a project management qualification are a good place to start.
  • Chartered Accounting – R41,535 per month. Skilled Chartered Accountants (CA) earn monthly salaries of between R36,667 and R46,403. To become a chartered accountant, you need to complete a BCom accounting degree, and do a Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA) or equivalent qualification.
  • IT Management – R40,806 per month. Skilled IT management professionals earn between R37,043 and R44,567 per month. To become an IT management professional, a BCom in IT Management or a BSc in IT or Computer Science is advised.

The highest paid employees in South Africa all have degrees behind their name, so it’s time for you to consider your options and enroll in a degree program that will boost your career and put you on the path to financial success.


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