The best kept Secret – The Capitec App


As the world moves towards a more digital-centric life, the demand for efficient banking systems has grown. Customers are more time-conscious than ever and fewer people are willing to spend hours waiting a long bank queue these days. 

The Capitec App allows customers to do just that- bank anywhere 24/7.

Since 2001, Capitec Bank has offered its clients quality services, driven by the goal of providing simplified banking solutions.

Free to use and free to download, the Capitec app is the simplest way to save and take control of your money ad to track your spending.

You can access the Capitec App on-the-go from your cellphone.

Along with the positive aspects of digital banking solutions, comes the uncertainty of security. With the Capitec app you can rest assured that you are transacting securely. Every transaction is protected by your remote PIN.

What can you do with the Capitec App?

Make payments – instead of having to draw cash and wait in long bank queues as you wait to speak to a bank teller or consultant, you can use the Capitec App to make payments at any time of the day.

Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles – by simply logging onto the Capitec App you can buy airtime whenever you need to.

Buy electricity – no more waiting for municipal office hours. You can simply buy electricity whenever you choose.

View credit plan balances – the Capitec App allows you to keep track of your loans.

Add beneficiaries – you can make payments simple and convenient.

View transactions or beneficiary payment history – keep track of your spending and payment history.

Pay a Capitec Bank client using their verified cellphone number – this is a new feature that allows you to make payments simply to a Capitec client without the need for their bank account number.

To find out more about how you can save and transact with the Capitec App, visit


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