The Best Pokémon Go Spots in Cape Town


You’re almost guaranteed to bump into other players. Interacting and playing Pokémon Go anywhere with plenty of open space or where it’s pretty crowded with a lot of people.

As that has seemed to be the basis of the Pokémon Go mobile game to bring people closer together. When you talk to your fellow trainers of great friends you make along the way who try to help and advice you when you try to catch ’em all.

Pokémon Go gives you an amazing opportunity to interact with lots of people you’d never have a chance to meet otherwise.

And when it comes to Cape Town (CT), you think sandy beaches as the prime spots to be at when in the area. It’s no different when playing Pokémon Go. Sorry for you Joburgers and Pretoria people as in CT Pokémon go players travel to the beachfront to capture the likes of water Pokémon.

The best Pokémon Go spots in CT include: The V&A Waterfront, Newlands Forrest, The City Bowl, Canal Walk, Sea Point, Green Point, N1 City or spot a Blastoise Pokémon in Plumstead. Clearly CT is chock full with the best places for Pokémon to be caught. Therefore let the hunting begin in the Mother City.

There’s the added benefit of lovely beach front views as the backdrop for your capturing adventurers. And depending on how invested you are in the social aspect of Pokémon Go. Just know that not all players are sociable and this might have to do with some lures actually been set by robbers therefore play vigilantly, with safety first.


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