The Best Pokémon Go Spots in Johannesburg


Pokémon Go is not only about catching ‘em all, but is also allows you to explore the area in which you live. And it’s incredible to be able to explore the real world while exploring this imaginary world of virtual characters. Thanks to the game’s method of designating landmarks.

And although there are lots of elements to Pokémon Go. Such as battling in Gyms, hatching eggs, visiting PokeStops, powering up your Pokémon and raising your Trainer’s XP. Of course finding and collecting all the Pokémon can have the game take you to some strange places and to some terrific ones as well.

And in Johannesburg due to the many large public sites there’s no shortage of places to catch Pokémon throughout the city. Here are some of the best Pokémon Go spots in Johannesburg.

The University of Pretoria (Tuks) is considered Pokémon Go heaven and pretty much any campus. Such as Wits, this has been said to have three gyms and 12+ PokeStops.

Johannesburg Zoo – The best place to spot these virtual pets near real animals. The Zoo is filled with PokeStops and rare, high Combat Power (CP) Pokémon, not to mention actual cool animals.

Stoneridge (opposite Greenstone) – There’s three gyms in nearby surrounds. One in Stoneridge itself and it’s usually lured at lunch times, most afternoons after work and apparently Saturdays.

MonteCasino – May just be filled with Pokémon and Pokémon players doing the damn same thing you’re trying to do, which is to catch ‘em all. Three stops can be hit at Mugg & Bean for Pokémon Ryhorn and Geodude nest.

Pokémon Beedrill and a Clefairy Nest has been spotted in Parkhurst, and a Magikarp nest at Brightwater Commons Randburg.


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