The Best Side Job Ideas for Extra Money


If you’re not ready to quit your day job but need extra money consider a side job. This requires being resourceful and knowing what you have and can use to make money without it requiring a ton of maintenance time.

Cash in on your crafty side. People always appreciate hand made goods and will support to buy your handmade products if they done well with attention to detail. If you make jewellery or cute and unique craft items as hobby or during your spare time, why not sell them.

And speaking of fashionable things, maybe you have a flair for fashion. And you might be sitting at your office job but secretly you have great taste in clothes. Or even know how to bargain hunt for items. If you know how to put an outfit together and constantly receive compliments for your choice in fashion style. Step out and buy those certain fashion items in bulk so to resell them to friends, family, colleagues and so forth.

Or maybe you own a microbus vehicle you can offer services of driving kids in your neighbourhood to school and fetching them from school as well. Especially if their parents are too busy with work and can’t transport their children to school. Or that maybe they don’t own cars of their own to transport their kids. And you can hire someone to drive the kids.

Side jobs require that you think outside the box and know your talents and how to get people to pay for your talents. Proving it’s never late to start earning more this year and with these entrepreneurial ventures you well on your way.


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