The Best Ways to Find Jobs in Johannesburg


The city of Johannesburg is situated in Gauteng, the economic hub of South Africa. Statistics have shown that there are thousands of unemployed individuals in South Africa. Numerous people are looking for work, while there are disparities in the number of skilled individuals.  

Every year an increasing number of people flock into the city of Johannesburg with hopes of finding employment. The job finding process can be frustrating and difficult, so how much harder is it when you are trying to find work in a bustling city like Johannesburg?

Here are some of the best ways to find jobs in Johannesburg:

Browse all media for advertisements

Take the time to look for job openings by using newspapers, searching online and listening to the radio and keeping an eye out for opportunities on TV.

You can also try to get hold of in-house company magazines and intranet postings through acquaintances, family and friends.

Network as much as possible and ask your family and friends to let you know of any job postings they may hear of.

Network and try to find out about job opportunities

Use social media to make your intentions clear and to possibly increase your job prospects. Johannesburg has a vibrant night-life and entertainment industry, so at any given time you can find numerous events to attend, where you could network. There are also various career events hosted throughout the city. Take advantage of these opportunities and sell your skills.

You can also opt for getting in touch with a professional recruitment agency.

Send your CV through to a recruitment agency. Keep your CV short and clear.

Be bold. You can call companies that you would like to work with and find out it=f they currently have any positions

Customise your cover letter

Type your cover letter into the body of the email. If you’re applying via email, make sure that you address your email personally to the correct person.


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