The Development Bank of Southern Africa – Stimulating Development Through Finance


Governments in Sub-Saharan Africa have for the past decade or so been tirelessly advocating for regional economic integration. Various regional economic, social and political bodies have argued that by fostering the integration of this region, it will be able to stimulate robust economic trade which will consequently lead to regional value chains and benefits for business and people. This dream can only truly be recognised with a stable amount of financial muscle behind it. The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) has endeavoured to fulfil this role for individuals and corporations in the area. 

DBSA has tried to accelerate sustainable socio-economic development through its efforts of funding physical, social and economic infrastructure. DBSA has done this by expanding access to development finance (i.e. using scarce capital in innovative and untraditional ways to spur economic activity.) With its roots in Sub-Saharan Africa DBSA has a thorough understanding of the demographics of the region, areas which need more attention and the challenges in the area.

DBSA services include finance, fund management, accelerating infrastructure delivery and project implementation support. The financial services provider has made strategic decisions to generate investment in assets which are physical or human and institutional which support the poor and broad-based wealth creation through infrastructure and productive capital. The financing division primarily provides long-term debt solutions for infrastructure projects, which are mainly those related to health, education, housing, water, transport and municipalities. DBSA’s funding sources are mainly through Money Market paper, bonds, committed foreign credit lines and facilities with commercial banks.

DBSA’s commitment long-term to development has seen it creating a programme of mobilising, developing, applying and sharing knowledge in support of greater development effectiveness, innovation and a stimulating and conducive development climate.

DBSA can be contacted on: 011 313-3911.


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