The Most Creative Names for Your Pokémon

The Pokémon Go mobile game is all about exploring your city and catching Pokémon. Players of the game follow their phones’ directions to real-world places to “catch” these Pokémon characters.

Also known as ‘pocket monsters’ in Japanese, which is where the game derives from a Japanese videogame and anime series where adventurers travel the world seeking Pokémon. And once they’ve captured these little furry virtual creatures they have to train and take care of them and prepare them for battle as well.

The Pokémon’s have also been thought of as virtual pets, and in real life once you have a pet what’s the first thing you consider? Well naming your pet and it’s no different for the players who capture these Pokémon. Especially also that Pokémon names like Pidgey and Rattata are almost frustratingly common, therefore players often give their most special friends nicknames.

With nicknames such as Bird Jesus for Pidgeot to Pokémon Flareons named False Prophets. And players have been quite creative when coming up with nicknames for their Pokémon. To the point where some have taken to typing in the Pokémon species name and seeing what their phone’s autocorrect function spits back out.

Here are just some of the clever, snarky and hilarious Pokémon nicknames and good luck trying to pronounce some of them. There’s NotStirred, NoAPALicense, WellActually, MLPonyta, GG no RE, Plbthbthbt, I’m a Cat, Hotline wing and HoldTheDoor. Now isn’t that crazy, but wait there’s more.

Pokémon Gastly was nicknamed Rick Gastly by one of the Pokémon Go players, while another player tried Chinese names from Sum Ting Won to Chin Tu Fat.

Another player to still be able to tell which Pokémon it is that he nicknamed. Swapped two letters from the Pokémon’s original name then mixed it up with syllables and vowels to get his silly result, such as nicknaming Nenovat Pokémon to Menovoth.


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