The Pokémon Go Battle for the White House


Since the Gyms in the mobile game app Pokémon Go are not just the only places where most of the battles happen within the game. But they’re actual real-world locations too that have been designated as special venues in the game. And when in Washington DC where else would a Pokémon gym be designated if not at the White House.

At the gyms players can take control and maintain leadership of a venue through battles. And the most powerful trainers can install their Pokémon team to defend the gym in question. While their chosen monsters will stay at that locale until they’re defeated. Challengers can drop by the gym at any time to fight gym leaders. And if a new contender is victorious, not only will they gain XP, they’ll also have a chance to claim the throne.

And it was Game On! And nothing short of a hot competition at the White house gym. Since contenders of the game caught whiff of the image of a Blastoise at the White House, and this went viral. As most Washington D.C. players started flocking to the government building, hoping to lay claim to it. To the point that the White House in a battle changed from Team Valor (Red team), to Mystic (Blue team), to Instinct (Yellow team) in 10 minutes!

As noted by Jesus Rodriguez, a D.C. Pokémon Go player who with his Pokémon Pidgeot which he appropriately named Merica took up the challenge to claim the White House. But of course a need to own territory for your team at such a coveted gym would result in players overloading the games system. And this made it at times difficult to connect to the game at all. And this was a dilemma that Rodriguez came across. He therefore combated this problem by getting things done and battling at night due to less traffic clogging the Pokémon Go server.

After a couple of technical glitches and an uncontested battle, in the end Rodriguez obtained dominance. And some examples of the various trainers who’ve managed to win the White House, courtesy of Rodriguez include Scyther (Red team), Jolteon (Yellow) and Snorlax (Blue). Rodriguez is currently the leader of 10 different gyms in the D.C. area. And out of all of them, the White House has proven the toughest to retain. He noted as reported in


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