The Pokémon Go Starter Kit


If you hadn’t realised the craze of the mobile app game Pokémon Go, then clearly you must be living under rock.

Pokémon Go is a game that has had people walking around in their neighbourhoods, and at times even at odd hours of the night to ‘catch them all’. “Them” being Pokémon ‘pocket monsters’ in Japanese. The app follows the basic premise of Pokémon, a Japanese videogame and anime series where adventurers travel the world seeking Pokémon to train and battle with each other.

And since it’s more of an outdoors activity kind of game there are certain necessities that come with surviving the long haul when playing.

For starters the battery life on smartphones has always been something of a non-existent factor. And now with the rise of Pokémon Go, the smartphone battery doesn’t stand a chance. And those who play the game are slowly realising the terrible toll of the game on their phone’s battery.

To combat this problem players of the game are hitting gadget stores to buy Power banks that have built-in charging cables, which are easier to use and store. As well using a battery saving mode found on the gaming apps settings menu. A feature usually catered for when hatching an egg. As the app only registers distance walked when hatching an egg, which requires that the app is open.

And because Pokémon Go players are so hardcore willing to go anywhere to catch a Pokémon and to keep playing even under the rain. Water-resistant smartphone cases are also part of the Pokémon starter kit.

You’ll also need a water bottle to keep hydrated I mean hunting video game characters is hard work. And don’t forget some good walking gear since you’ll be found walking everywhere and almost anywhere. A pair of comfortable shoes should do.


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