The Power of Using a Lure


The whole basis of Pokémon Go is to ‘catch ‘em all’. And to catch ‘em as efficiently as possible use a lure, which as the name suggests is designed to lure nearby Pokémon to the stop for you to hunt.

The lure will not only draw out nearby Pokémon like a moth to a flame. But also bring stronger and higher combat power (CP) Pokémon, which assists Pokémon Go players. Especially the higher the levels they reach within the game as well as when battling in gyms.

Lures are used at PokeStops whenever you see an overflow of purple flower pedals and swirls, this indicates that the lure is active. And although lures can be found at PokeStops it’s usually not all the time.

These powerful, highly sought after items in the Pokémon Go universe are one of the game’s rarest items and are usually hard to track down. As they most frequently given out as rewards for leveling up, as you increase in level. You get a ton of rewards and lures tend to be one of them.

And lures can also be bought for real money! A single Lure Module costs 100 coins, which equates to just over R15. But if you’d rather not spend the cash, prepare for battle. Standing undefeated at your gym will also net you PokéCoins. A few days of battles gives you enough coins to buy lures. And this is the only consistent way to get lures in Pokémon Go.

You’ll also most certainly come across PokeStops with lures already on them from other players. As the lures are community items and you’ll likely see people stop and enjoy your lure whenever you pop one. Therefore they not only attract Pokémon but might also lure nearby Pokémon Go players looking to take advantage of your lure.

Especially in popular areas like parks. And the higher a player’s level is that places the lure. The higher CP Pokémon you can find. As the level of the player using the Lure Module does impact on the CP of the Pokémon attracted. Feel more than free to sit down and join other players who are farming a lure. After all, your presence doesn’t affect the lure’s abilities.


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