The Richest Indian Family in Africa

richest indian family

Vimal Shah is the richest Indian person in Africa, making his family the richest Indian family in Africa. He is a businessman, industrialist and entrepreneur currently residing in Kenya. He is also the chief executive officer of Bidco Africa, which is involved in the manufacturing of oil, margarine, taking powder, detergents and soap. He is also one of the wealthiest individuals in Kenya.

Vimal was born in 1970 in Kenya and his father owned a petrol station. Today, Vimal, his father and his younger brother are all business partners in Bidco Africa and this consists of three companies:

  • Bidco Oil Refineries Limited, with head offices in Thika, Kenya.
  • Bidco Uganda Limited, headquartered in Jinja, Uganda.
  • Bidco Tanzania Limited, with headquarters in Dar es Salaam.

In 2013 alone his company grossed more than US$500 million in sales and has manufacturing factories in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Their products are exported to 13 African countries and they are currently building the manufacturing plants in Mozambique, Madagascar and Ethiopia.

He is currently number 18 on the list of Africa’s richest people are and his company has a 49% share of the edible oils marketing Kenya. In 2002, they acquired a significant portion of Unilever’s edible oil business. The three family members have share ownership of the fortune.

Vimal he’s married and have one son, born in 1998. He is also currently the chairman of the East African business Council is one of the chairman of KEPSA.


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