The Standard Bank App


Standard Bank, one of the “big four” banking institutions in South Africa is renowned for its suite of competitive products and services. For decades this bank has provided South Africans with quality banking services and products – giving them access to a wide array of solutions.

With the improvement of technology, the banking sector has changed significantly. Consumers are now able to bank in the most efficient ways.

What you need to know about the Standard Bank App:

The Standard Bank App lets you do your banking on the go. Available on iPhone and Android, the Standard Bank App can simply be downloaded from a preferred app store.

One of the main benefits offered by the Standard Bank App is that you can transact from anywhere.

There are no more forms and there is no more hassle. You can make inter-bank payments to individuals around the world.

What you can do with the Standard Bank App:

There are numerous ways you can benefit from using the Standard Bank App. From making payments to individuals or companies, to buying prepaid airtime or electricity, with the Standard bank App you can be assured of safe and secure banking.

  • Manage your cards
  • Find ATMs and branch locators
  • Open Savings and Investment Accounts that suit your needs
  • View insurance policies and track your claims process
  • Use Balance Peek, which allows you to view your balance without having to log in. You can view outstanding balances on vehicles and other assets you’ve financed through Standard Bank
  • Link your cards to the app

How to get the Standard Bank App:

  • Download the app
  • Set up your Standard Bank ID by entering your email address and creating a password
  • Link up your bank accounts
  • Link your products
  • Start banking

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