The Top 5 Unemployment Insurance Fund


The national Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is there to assist those in between jobs and those on leave as a result of illness or taking care of an adopted child. Women on maternity leave and family members left behind upon the death of their breadwinner. 

And these are the five benefits you can claim from UIF Unemployment, illness, and maternity, adoption and dependent benefits.

Documents to carry when applying for any of the five benefits are your last six payslips, ID, and a formal statement of your former employer. And application for Illness, Maternity and Adoption benefits requires your pay in the period you’re on leave and proof of banking details.

Unemployment benefits apply within six months of becoming unemployed. Whether because of dismissal, contract termination by your employer or insolvency and not finding another job within 14 days. You can claim benefits for up to 34 weeks. And bring proof that you registered as a job seeker with the Department of Labour.

Illness benefits you can claim if you’re ill for two weeks or longer, not receiving a salary or receiving only a part of your salary from your employer. You must be willing to undergo medical treatment.

Maternity benefits you can take maternity leave from four weeks before the expected date of birth and a period of six weeks after the birth. If you’ve had a miscarriage you can claim for six weeks and when applying have a completed medical certificate.

Adoption benefits claim benefits for unpaid leave or receiving only a portion of your salary while you’re at home caring for your legally adoptive (under the age of two) child. Only one of the adoptive parents can apply for benefits and when applying have the order of adoption, and a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

Dependent’s Benefits the spouse of the deceased can claim the benefit even if they’re in employment. Apply within six months of the date of the deceased contributor. When applying as the spouse have ID of the deceased partner, last six payslips, certified copy of the marriage certificate, completed medical certificate and proof of banking details.

While as a dependent, learner child under the age of 21 or 25 years, you can also apply within 14 days after the six month period has expired. During which the spouse hadn’t applied, show proof of guardianship and of learner status.


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