The Universal Branch Code for Postbank

universal branch code for Postbank

Postbank offers a variety of banking facilities to clients and this includes savings accounts and debit cards. They make it easy for you to transact and save money in the process as they offer low fees and flexible products that offer great returns.

Postbank offers a variety of products, including savings accounts, term deposit accounts, and transactional accounts. Their savings accounts offer a variety of benefits, including the ability to save whenever you want, withdraw money from any post office, and not paying bank fees on any cheque deposits. You only need R50 to open an account.

Electronic Transfers

Postbank allows you to do electronic funds transfers on all your transaction accounts, and this includes debit orders. You can arrange to do this at any branch and the fees are very reasonable. Internal stop orders are free of charge and debit orders are billed at R4.40. SMS notifications are also free and internal funds transfers are also free.

There is a universal branch code for Postbank and it is 460005. This is useful for anyone would like to make payments to a beneficiary layers of Postbank account. Electronic funds transfers are usually very easy to process and it’s a very safe and convenient way of making a payment to someone else.

With Postbank you have the ability to save money and then great interest rates as well as benefit from low transactional fees when you need to deposit money into your account or transfer money to someone else. You can initiate a transfer from any branch throughout South Africa and you can also do cash deposit any one of these branches.

This makes Postbank one of the most affordable and convenient service providers available, which is why they serve millions of people throughout South Africa.


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