These Are The Top 3 Money Management Apps You Need To Have


It’s essential for any individuals to keep a balanced budget. In order to run a successful household, having a budget in place can go a long way towards making this simpler.  

Technology has also made things much easier. Money management apps can be useful for keeping track of your spending. They can be useful tools for helping you get a better understanding of your spending habits. 

Which are the top 3 money management apps? 


Mint is a free program that includes a strong selection of budgeting tools. It allows you to monitor your investments too. Mint helps you keep tabs on your overall financial health. With a streamlined interface, the software shows you upcoming bills at a glance. It also offers recommendations for new loan accounts and credit card based on your habits. 

Using this app allows you to sync all your accounts, while also giving you a big picture of your finances.  

Using the app essentially shows you how you have been using your accounts. It shows you cash flow in real time.  

Further benefits include the option to outline your budget and savings goals. Mint is also highly useful for helping you to pinpoint areas where you can potentially save. 


Mvelopes is a budgeting app that uses the envelope system- setting up a monthly financial plan for you based on your income. 

Free of charge, Mvelopes guides you through ways to think about money long term. The app allows you sync your bank accounts.  

Secure to use, Mvelopes tracks your debit and credit transactions and asks you define income and create a budget before filling the spending envelopes. Using the app makes it easier to ensure that you’re spending based on a budget. 


Expensify makes the list of the top 3 money management apps you need to have. Available for both smartphone and web interfaces, the app is easy to navigate. SmartScan helps you to save receipts, while the Add Expense option offers categorising options. Freelancers can benefit from the Track Time feature, which keeps tabs on hourly earnings.


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