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Tips for Qualifying for Student Bursaries on Offer

Tips for Qualifying for Student Bursaries on Offer

Across the world, thousands of people rely on student bursaries to further their studies. Bursaries are essentially monetary awards given to those who really need financial help to continue their education.  

Furthering one’s education often allows for a better standard of living, personal development and a broader perspective on local and global socio-economic challenges. It can give people a deeper understanding of their careers and offers them expert knowledge, skills and tools to further their career growth.

Other vocations provide students with scare skills, such as in the medical and engineering fields.

With the difficult economic conditions most people find themselves in nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to afford to pay for tertiary education costs.

Student bursaries are merit-based awards and they don’t have to be repaid with money.

As a bursary recipient, you may however be required to repay the programme through a commitment to do some real work for the company once you’ve completed your studies.

Tips for qualifying for student bursaries on offer:

Once you find what suits you, pay attention to the details in order to complete the application phase. Make sure that you complete all sections of the application.

Make sure that you submit the application forms on time. Don’t miss the cut-off date for application submissions.

Be honest when telling the bursar about your resources and expenses. Make sure that you bursar knows your financial standing.

Focus on your top achievements. You want to put your best foot forward, so you should represent the best version of yourself and highlight your achievements.

Writing a letter of motivation gives you the chance to motivate why you should be the successful candidate.

Take the time to craft out a well-thought out CV.

Include a recommendation letter.

Proofread and eliminate all mistakes.


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