Tips for Starting an Online Business


Find a need and decide how you will fill it best.

You can do this by finding a market to provide a service or product to. Visit online forums and do you keyword research to find out how to maximise on searches.

Design and build your website

Keep it simple. Create a stylish and functional website and ensure that you make navigation clear and simple. A general rule of thumb is to only use graphics, audio or video if they enhance your message. This is one of the most important aspects of starting an online business.

Be clear about the type of online business you want to start

Consider the fact that eCommerce is the most direct form of online business. You get to sell your goods directly.

If you are a consultant or offer other services you may be better off setting up your own website.

You can always set up an eBay store if you’d rather not set up a website. Keep in mind that you’ll have little control over the visual layout of your store though.

An Etsy store may be better suited to creative types as well as those who want to sell hand-made items.

Have a business plan

Just like any other business, starting an online business means that you need to have a clear business plan. This plan should outline your strategy, mission and vision for how you aim to achieve your goals.

Register your domain name and set up your website

You need to do your research beforehand to make sure that your domain name is available for use. As soon as you’ve confirmed this, you can then set your website up.

Make it legal

Make sure that you adhere to business regulations and comply fully.

Get started

Avoid procrastinating. Plan effectively and keep in mind that the sooner you put something out there, the closer you get to sustainable revenue. If the problem that your business solves is important enough, you won’t even have to look for customers.



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