Top 10 Finance Apps You Need To Get


Handling your finances can be a hassle without the right kind of knowledge and tools. Fortunately nowadays you don’t only have to rely on a financial adviser, but you can make use of technological advancements. The creation of new apps has made it easier for individuals to keep track of their spending and to budget on a monthly basis. 

Here are the top 10 finance apps you need to get: 


One of the most trusted apps, Mint helps you keep tabs on your overall financial health. With a streamlined interface, the app shows you upcoming bills at a glance. It also offers recommendations for new loan accounts and credit card based on your habits.  


Using Clarity allows you to see your current cash on hand and credit debt. A handy tool for checking your credit score, Clarity can also be used to transfer money between accounts.  


Digit is a saving app that was created in 2015. Using the app creates a new savings account and manages it for you, also saving money for you.  

The app learns when your bills are due and withdraws money only when it has assessed that you wouldn’t miss the cash.  

Level Money 

Level Money is a simple app that does all the work for you. By using the app you can link your bank accounts, credit cards, income as well as how much you want to save. The app will give you a “spendable” amount- how much money you can afford to spend each day. 


This app helps if you’re prone to overspending. With a simple interface, the app shows how much money you’re spending in each category. Any money you don’t spend today rolls over into the next and your daily budget is recalculated. 


Mvelopes is a budgeting app that uses the envelope system- setting up a monthly financial plan for you based on your income. 

You Need a Budget 

This app enables bank syncing and gives you real-time information about the condition of your finances on any device. 


A unique budget app, Qapital enables you to identify the triggers of your expenses and also rewards you every time you spend less than your budget- making this one of the top 10 finance apps. 


Budgt lets you see where you’re spending the most and whether you’re losing or saving money. 

Prosper Daily 

This app lets you create and view multiple accounts in one place and lets you optimise your money. It also alerts you immediately if unauthorised or fraudulent charges are made on your account.


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