Top 10 Social Media Platforms


1. Facebook
With approximately 1.59 billion users Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Users prefer Facebook for its interactive qualities and ability to network with family and friends. Businesses can also use Facebook to market their brands, products and services. Its unique feature includes video sharing, picture sharing and the recently added reaction button.

2. Twitter
With an approximate of 320 million users twitter i popular for short messages that are limited to 140 characters. Users are able to interact and resent the tweets they find interesting. It also allows businesses to advertise and promote their products and services.

3. WhatsApp
With almost 1 billion users this social media platform was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It allows users to send direct messages of any size to their family and friends. It is interactive as it allows users to send voice notes ,make voice calls ,video calls and send pictures and videos

4. Instagram
With around 400 million users it was firstly established for users who enjoy sharing pictures and videos. Instagram also has private messages that allows users to comment and reply on each other’s photos.

5. Google+
With a base of approximately 300 million people google+ allows its users to stay in touch and share videos, audios and pictures. It also allows private instant messaging and supports video conferencing.

6. Skype
It mostly has video calling and messaging features. Users and businesses can use skype for group video conferencing. The calls are free and accessible anywhere in the world.

7. LinkedIn
This professional social network is ideal for users who want to connect with other professionals in order to advance their careers/. Users update their experience and personal information so that they can attract potential employers. Businesses also use it to look for potential employees.

8. YouTube
This is a video sharing and viewing platform. Users can use YouTube to search for any topic that they are interested in and learn about it. Businesses use YouTube to advertise their products and appeal to their customers.

9. Pinterest
Popular for sharing visual content this is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world. Users post and share their pictures and pin any interesting topics to their profiles. Businesses can market their products and users can use the buy button to purchase any product of their choice.

10. Snapchat
The social media platform thrives on instant messaging. It is most popular for self-destructive messages that can disappear as soon as the friend has viewed it also allows users to share pictures publicly when they want to.


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