Top Business Directories in South Africa


Business directories are an essential part of modern business. Business directories offer listings and all types of services related to online advertising. Like international business directories, they differ in the traffic rank and page rank. Below are the top business directories in South Africa.

Ananzi – Ananzi is one of the first business directories in South Africa. It has grown from strength to strength over the past 12 years to be one of the top business directories in South Africa and internationally. Listing your website in this directory is priceless.

Hotfrog – Hotfrog is a business directory with useful features for digital marketers because it allows site owners to list products, services, news and specials in their profiles. It also offers an option to push your services to the first page in the form of premium listing. Their premium listings appear at the top of the free listings, making sure that you are in front of your competitors.

Cylex – This directory has several features that allow site owners to advertise their business for better visibility. It allows you to include company presentation page, news, products and videos in your profile. It also has a review section were customers can review listed companies. More positive reviews on this business directory give your business chances of outranking your competitors in Google local listings results.

Brabys – It is one of the top South African business directories in good standing. Getting your site listed in this directory will go a long way in increasing traffic to your site.

SA Yellow – It is one of the top independent and oldest business directories in South Africa. It also offers advertising option for better visibility and targeted traffic.

The business directories listed above are not the only business directories in South Africa, but they are the ones specifically filtered due to their global traffic rank and the page rank.


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