Top Interview Questions for Teachers – Land that Job!

top interview questions for teachers

As a teacher, you might feel that it is time to move to another position in order to meet any challenge, or you might simply be a newly qualified teacher looking to land the perfect job. Either way, here are a few top interview questions for teachers to help you prepare for an interview.

Tell us about yourself

This is one of the most common interview questions for teachers in any interview and it will provide a brief background on you in a few short sentences.

How do you make sure you teach according to standards?

In some cases you have to teach according to specific set of standards and the interviewer was to establish whether you know the standards are and how do you go about achieving them.

How do you prepare students for their tastes and assessments?

The interviewer wants to know what specific sexual taking to make sure that your students get the support they need and they are prepared for tests and assessments.

Describe your philosophy on discipline

Here you need to use a lot of positive reinforcement because you need to be firm but not pushy. You need to show that has to be consequences for inappropriate behaviour, but still within the rules and acceptable standards. You need to show that he will adhere to the schools discipline, lights and also emphasise that you respect their procedures.

How do you communicate with parents?

This will come up in almost any interview for a teacher position as it is important for you to know how to effectively communicate with parents. You need to make sure parents know what’s going on in the classroom, but you also need to listen to parents concerns and offer solutions to any issues that they may have.


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