Traffic and Cell Phone Bills


You are driving home on your way back from work when you come across a roadblock on one of the main roads in your neighbourhood. If you pay your traffic fines diligently and dutifully on time, then you have nothing to worry about. If you are like the majority of South African drivers who don’t pay their traffic fines on time or at all, then you know that you could be facing a lot of trouble. 

When the traffic official approaches your window and requests your driver’s licence and checks for any outstanding tickets , chances are that you are already thinking of how you can spin a story together to get you out.

With the advent of technology, you can take advantage to make sure that you pay your speeding tickets on time. Your stories of not receiving your tickets because of the latest Post Office bungle just won’t cut it anymore.

Paying with a smartphone is much more convenient nowadays. You can use cell phone banking if you are registered with your bank. You can also pay online using your cell phone, although you will need to register first.

Paying traffic bills using your cell phone has never been easier.

Nowadays you are also able to view your traffic fines by SMSing your South African ID number to 39541 (R2 per SMS).

In South Africa, there are two types of traffic fines you can get, namely: 

  • Section 56 notice, which allots drivers 30 days to pay. If you get this type of traffic fine you are also given a 2 week grace period leading up to the court date.
  • Section 341 notice, which is the notice before the summons.

If you choose to pay online, these are the sites you can use: (if you live in the Western Cape)


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