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translation services

The world has over the years developed into what can be called a global village.This global village concept means there is rapid exchange of information and ideas among different groups of people from diverse social and economic backgrounds as well as nationalities. One of the ways in which information is being shared in South Africa is through conferences. It is however worth noting that effective conference sessions depend on a number of logistics. Some of the logistics include translators, interpreters and equipment. One business entity to have come to the party in this regard is D Millennium Multi Events (DMME).

DMME is a South African business establishment which has dedicated itself to meeting the countrys language and conferencing needs. Established in 2008, this fast growing business entity provides interpretation and translation services in both South African and International languages as well as providing the full range of quality sound equipment.

Interpretation services are offered in Simultaneous, Consecutive, Court and Whisper.These services are competitively priced and there is always a coordinator on site at no extra charge.Translation services are provided in the fields of Agriculture, Arts&Culture, Economics, Education, Engineering, Government, Mining, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Sports, IT and Legal. DMME lives up to its standards of excellence by having a dedicated database of translators that have been sworn in at the High Court of South Africa.These professionals are known as sworn translators and the translations that they produce are certified, true and accurate. With the help of trained and professional technicians, DMME is able to offer simultaneous interpretation systems as well as general AV equipment.

Looking at the above, it is clear to see and safe to say that with D Millenium Multi Events (DMME), the conferencing and events industry is in safe hands.


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