Travel Now Pay Later With Vacation Finance

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Travel now pay later with vacation finance

Resort packages include one or two-bedroom accommodations at select resorts worldwide. Rates are based per unit for an 8 -day / 7-night stay. Financed packages are for accommodations only and do not include airfare. Airfare may be purchased at a discounted rate through our member services department. Minimum down payment is required and varies depending on total cost of the trip. Our Travel Now Pay Later rates are always discounted.

How It Works:

They provide our members with exclusive vacation offers from our signature resort line. Accommodations are available at select resorts both domestic and international. Members enjoy privileged access and interest free financing. Payments start as low as R450 per week and R150 per month.

Once reservations are confirmed they cannot be changed and are non-refundable. Accommodations are based on availability. Rates and availability on all Resort Packages are subject to change until reservations are confirmed & accepted by club member.


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