Trender app, for party goers

trender app

Are you an outgoing person who loves partying? If so, Calvin Terblanche and Deane Hitge have good news for you.
Terblanche and Deane introduced an app called Trender which will give you a real time indication of venues that are proving popular. The app will show you places to go and people to see.

Trender app is a location based photo app that enables a user to see where his friends are, where they’re going and the photos they’ve been taking, all in real time.

What motivated the idea of Trender?
The idea of Trender was initiated when the duo paid a cover charge to get into a nightclub only to find there was n one inside and a party was happening elsewhere.

Terblanche said, “After an unsuccessful night out, we knew we wanted to build an app that could consolidate all the venues in our area and the events that are happening and then rank the popularity of venues and events.”

How does it work?
With Trender, a user can see which places around them are trending; you can even discover what it looks like before you arrive in the event that someone has taken pictures using the app before you get there.

A user can only get a higher level view of trends upon signing up for Trender; they will be able to see details of the people at particular events when they add friends. Photos added by people do not stay on the server permanently simply because it’s meaningless to keep outdated pictures when people just want to see what’s happening now.

The app can be used in places such as restaurants, pubs, even beaches and is available on Android and iOS.


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