Trender – A Trendy Social Scene App

Trender, trendy, Social Scene, App, Mobile Application

South Africa boasts of having a productive population that continues to contribute and build the country’s social and economic stature.This hard working population is also constantly on the look out for venues and places where they can relax and connect. While finance is readily available among these people, the home work is always on finding the best spot around with the best company of people. One latest app making this scenario less of a headache is Trender.

Trender is a photo location based social app that ranks popular venues as a trend.This app allows both locals and out of town visitors to view the most popular venues displayed in an interactive list. Users can browse trends by category including nightlife, bars, restaurants or just check where friends are meeting.

Users who sign up for Trender only get a high level view of trends. Its not until you add friends that they will be able to see details of the people at particular events. Because this is a real time digital catalogue for places to go to, photos people upload only stay on the server for a short period of time.This is because it is pointless to have outdated pictures when people just want to see whats happening now.

This app is available on Android and iOS.



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