Trial Test for 5G with 3.6Gbps Peak Speed

5G Network

A collaboration between Huawei and Docomo resulted in the world’s first successful large-scale field trial of 5G radio access technology.

This was the first large-scale MU-MIMO (multi-user MIMO) technology test, where 24 devices were concurrently connected in a macro-cell environment. It’s also another first for the performance validation of Filtered OFDM and Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA).

The cell average downlink throughput of MU-MIMOs is 1.34Gbps, with a 3.6Gbps download peak throughput in a 100MHz ultra-wide band channel. These speeds are significantly faster than single-layer single user MIMO, in fact it’s 10 times faster.

Launching 5G Pilot Networks

Huawei plans to launch the first 5G pilot networks with its partners in 2018. The company aims to contribute to the 5G industry ecosystem to complete interoperability testing in 2019, and commercially launch 5G networks in 2020.


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