Tricks for Comparing Car Insurance


Insurance is a very competitive industry and car insurers want your business. This means that as a consumer you can take advantage of this by comparing multiple quotes from various insurance providers. Keep in mind that they are all competing for your attention, so they are more likely than not to tailor solutions to meet your individual needs.

Remember that many insurers would prefer it of you don’t drive so much, so they will charge you higher premiums if you are on the road more often.

Car insurers give different discounts depending on your situation.

What tricks can you use when comparing car insurance?

Add an experienced driver to your policy

This could lower your car insurance premiums significantly as insurance providers regard this as a factor that lowers the risk of your car being involved in an accident. When comparing, make sure that you find out if you could save this way.

Buy a classic car.

Specialist brokers are generous because they know the cars are cherished and driven carefully and infrequently. Classic car insurance is generally lower than conventional insurance, so keep this in mind when you want to get a car.

Where you park is important.

Your insurance premium is linked to the area in which you live. Insurance companies rely on statistics and unique individual factors when deciding on premiums, so if you live in an area that is prone to theft or hijackings you may find yourself paying higher premiums.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

If you like the insurer but not the price, don’t hesitate to quote the cheapest online offer. You can tell the insurer what you have found by comparing and ask them if they can better that deal. You’ll never know until you ask.

Ditch monthly payments

Opt for annual payments and you’ll save more this way.

Be precise about your job. It does actually make a difference.


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