Tricks for Getting the Best Motor Car Insurance


Find the best car insurance offers for your age

It’s no secret that age has an effect on insurance premiums. Younger drivers have been statistically proven to be more reckless on the road, which means that they are more likely to get into accidents on the road. This will mean that insurance companies have to pay out more.

If you are looking for the best motor car insurance, consider adding the name of an older, more experienced driver to your policy, as this could lower your premiums significantly.

Find out about extra discounts

Many car insurance companies offer extra discounts, such as for good driving, for having and advanced driving certificate, for having a good credit rating or for not claiming in the last there years. You need to make sure that you ask about these discounts, as most insurance companies won’t make it expressly clear that you can qualify for a discount.

Find out about No Claims Bonus

If you have been driving well and you have not claimed for a number of years, you may qualify for a No Claims Bonus. More motor car insurance companies are offering their clients this bonus as a way of rewarding them for driving well.

Find out about multi-policies

If you bundle your policies with the same company, you could get quite a good insurance deal. By combining your car and home insurance policy this could lower your premiums considerably.

Make your car more secure

If you want to get the best motor car insurance you should take the necessary precautions to add security features to your car such as a tracker, an alarm system and an immobiliser. Whatever you do to make your car more secure will have an effect on the premiums you are charged.



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