Ttrumpet, a start-up that gives you access to VoIP

ttrumpet app

Ttrumpet is a start-up that enables consumers to access voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services, together with instant messaging and an untested online vouchering system.
The platform provides users with a number of communication and location based features to its consumers, including Uber Prive – a private messaging service.

Of what significance is Ttrumpet to businesses?
The start-up has tools that enable merchants and brands to provide vouchers, online shopping deals, location search functionality and even amplified reality features to consumers.
It also has a credit system feature which allows consumers to use credits for airtime, data and international calls at viable rates.
Grant Theis, a co founder of the start-up says, “Trumpet is not just a call and messaging app” but rather “a platform that allows businesses, retailers and brands to provide value to customers.”

Despite being designed for the global market in South Africa, the app claims it was customized to provide more value than any other “over the top” rival.
“We want to offer the South African market a simplified mobile experience of purchasing credit that can be used for airtime, mobile data, international roaming data and WiFi in a single application.”

The Ttrumpet start-up is wholly owned by FastComm.

You can download the app here ios and Android


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