Tuluntulu app, streaming video


Tuluntulu means stream in the local Zulu dialect in South Africa. The world has made great strides over the last decade to increase and enhance online video usage. Unfortunately Africa has remained lagging behind. Different reasons have been advanced for this but the main ones include the fact that current competing technologies do not perform well in low rate internet infrastructures between 30kps-300kps. The coming on the scene of Tuluntulu was precisely to address this challenge.

Tuluntulu was established as a management company for specialised technology known as ARTIST that allows streaming video to be viewed on mobile devices. This technology utilises patented technology to deliver unbroken standards based live video streams with fully integrated social media interactivity. This solution covers the entire media value chain from video content ingestion to a fully adaptive and scalable service and mobile device applications.

The ARTIST solution is suited for the South African and African environment and works on 3G and EDGE. Other features include seamless and smooth video delivery adapting to varying through rates for each individual connected user without disruption to the viewed stream. Messaging engine is built into the core of the technology to reduce the cost of entry where the advert and branding messages are integrated into the video space. Massively scalable architecture for large numbers of simultaneous viewers even with individual adapting video streaming. Full service provider control over user access, video channel access and total service through deterministic cost.

Tuluntulu can be contacted on 0836323296.


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