Types of Analyst Jobs


In recent years the role of analysts has increased in importance. You may be asking yourself what an analyst does. In its most basic form, the purpose of an analyst is to study the performance of a particular firm or company sector and aid with critical decision-making. Analyst jobs often entail the compilation of reports which are used to influence the decision-making process of professionals.

Financial Analyst:

As a financial analyst you will be responsible for helping to analyse cash flows and expenditures and to develop a reasonable budget. You may also assist in determining the optimal capital structure for the corporation.

Entry-level financial analyst jobs into the industry are usually the entry point into the investment banking world.

Financial analysts often find employment at banks, money management firms or brokerage firms involved in the investment business.

Investment Analyst:

Working as an Investment Analyst requires familiarity and comfort with computers as well as financial modelling. This job entails analysing investments and gives individuals a chance to work at almost every firm involved in investing.

Business Analyst:

A Business Analyst is someone who is tasked with assessing the business model or its integration with technology. This individual is sometimes someone who is part of the business operation and works with IT to improve the quality of the services being delivered.

Quantitative Risk Analyst:

This type of analyst develops quantitative models to measure market and liquidity risks. Skills and qualities required for this job include having a drive for results, willingness to collaborate, self-awareness and insight as well as the ability to lead change and innovation.

Computer Systems Analyst:

A career as a computer systems analyst will afford you an opportunity to work as a consultant. The analyst’s job in this context is to upgrade information systems or shift resources to help the organisation meet its goals. It may also include the purchasing of new IT systems and ensuing that they are installed correctly.


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