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ubank loans

UBank, a financial services provider within the gold and mining communities has launched four financial services to improve its client’s banking and financial needs. This new development follows a technological initiative introduced by the bank mid this year when it adopted the EMV Chip smart card technology; a facility that is currently offering mine workers and mining communities improved encrypted card security and convenience.
We will make brief explanations of the facilities that were introduced by UBank:


UBank’s website states that, through uLend, customers are able to apply for a personal and home loan. Regarding personal loans, clients can, “borrow any amount up to R80 000. You can choose flexible Personal Loan repayment options from 1 to 60 months,” reads the website. On home loans, UBank allows its clients to apply for a pension backed home loan if they are aged between 18 and 65 years old. Such clients can borrow any amounts ranging from R5 000 to R35 000, which can be paid back in ten years.


With uSave, UBank gives its customers room to choose a bank account they would want to use. The facility has four types of accounts namely fixed deposit, 32 day, grow with us savings and save together. These accounts let customers set aside a portion of their liquid assets while earning a momentary return.


uSpend allows a client access to a debit card upon opening a transaction account. It is a deposit account held by the bank or other financial institution, for the purpose of securely and quickly providing frequent access to funds on demand, through a variety of channels. Such an account is meant neither for the purpose of earning interest nor for the purpose of savings, but for the convenience of the business or personal client; hence they tend not to bear interest. uSpend also comprise of a facility known as “A Package for Everyone”, whereby customers can choose what type of package do they want to use depending on affordability. UBank has three types of packages and these are: Gold, Silver and Bronze.


uSecure – The facility is UBank’s funeral plan, which covers funeral arrangements of the client and his/her family depending on the type of plan chosen by the bank’s customer. In order to qualify, one should not be younger than 65 years old, they should bring along a green bar-coded South African identity book and a physical address.
For more information regarding the above, UBank can be contacted on 0861 000 8322.
ubank loans


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