Uber understands convenience and class


In an ideal world people would not worry about using public transport, being delayed on the way to a meeting or traffic congestion during rush hour. This is however the reality that most people deal with on a daily basis. Uber has made life better because their services are about convenience and reliability. By using Uber’s services, clients will be rest assured that they will arrive to their destination on time.

Uber is a mobile application that is downloaded on an Android or iPhone where people can register. Through this application clients inform Uber about their location and where they want to go. The client will not worry about carrying money because payments are made via credit card and not to the driver personally.

Clients can use their phone’s GPS to inform Uber of their location and destination. Uber will send the client a notification SMS to inform them how long they have to wait. The client will get another SMS as soon as their driver has arrived to pick them up. The cars allow up to four people per ride and operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For now only people in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban can use Uber. The best part is that clients are chauffeured in the best cars and don’t have to worry about arriving at an event in an unappealing car. Clients have an option of the UberX or the UberBlack which carry a base fee of R5.00 and R15.00 respectively. UberX costs R7.50 per kilometer while UberBlack costs R11.00 per kilometer. Clients can expect to pay R25 and R70.00 cancellation fee for UberX and UberBlack respectively.

To have this phenomenal app, people can download it from App Store, Google Play and Windows Store or by visiting www.uber.com.


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